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Career development and learning


Diversity and inclusiveness


Rewards and benefits

Career development and learning

Get what you need to get ahead


At Indore Composite, we are as dedicated to our people as we are to our business.

The level of support, career development and opportunities that our employees enjoy is among the best in the business world.

We strive to make sure that they get everything they need to realize their full potential, relying on a mix of structured talent management and learning offerings.

Diversity and inclusiveness

The key to our success


Diversity and inclusiveness help us to deliver power and productivity.

We work on some of the biggest challenges facing business and society today, right around the globe. To succeed, we need to understand the people we serve and the cultures they live in. That also means we value people from different regions and locality.

At Indore Composites, we welcome different ways of thinking and acting, different qualities and skills, different experiences and backgrounds. We value them because we recognize and respect all aspects of what makes someone unique, makes them valuable.

Rewards and benefits

Consistent and fair


Our philosophy is to attract, retain and motivate employees to work and build a career with us through a performance-based, transparent, fair and competitive compensation system.We encourage leadership at all levels, empowering our employees to take initiative, bring in ideas and drive their careers. We not only expect our employees to take on responsibility proactively, but also to pool their talents to create something greater than any one could do alone.

Ultimately, we achieve more by taking the lead and working together…